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Throughout the world, Costa Rica is known as a leader in placing natural capital at the center of development.  The country has recently been voted the "greenest and happiest" nation in the world by the independent organization New Economics Foundation, and it’s the only country considered a "BioGem" by the Natural Resource Council.

With nearly 30% of the landmass held in reserve, Costa Rica produces over 90% of its electricity through renewable means such as hydroelectric, geothermal and wind power.  Furthermore, the country’s local food production is abundant, rendering costs for basic items extremely affordable for everyone. Costa Rica's government, committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2022.

And here in Arenal Oasis Eco Lodge & Wildlife Refuge we are proud to be part of the Natural Resources Conservation Efforts such as: Wildlife Protection, Garbage treatments, Recycling programs, Enviromental Education for the Local Comunity, Energy Saving, Use of Biodegradable Products and Organic Foods support.

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